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Top Luxury Villas In Phuket For Company And Family Gatherings

01 Aug, 2023 by Marc Eden

Top Luxury Villas In Phuket For Company And Family Gatherings


A large gathering, be it a company retreat or a family affair, is an exciting prospect and Phuket is one of Thailand’s most well-loved destinations for people to gather together in a tropical setting. With an impressive selection of luxury villas in Phuket to choose from, organising for every member of your company or family retreat to stay together is a breeze. Villas of all shapes and sizes offer larger groups a wide variety of accommodation choices that can take any group vacation from impressive to extraordinary. 

Luxury villa rental in Phuket

As opposed to the accommodation offered in a traditional hotel or resort, luxury villas in Phuket, Thailand, come with their own set of features that can make this a wonderfully appealing option for a larger group. Company retreat villas and other larger properties for short-term rental in Phuket often come with their own culinary team and a dedicated team of house staff, so taking care of your executives and VIPs is simple with plenty of help on hand. Many of the luxury villas in Phuket also come with dedicated swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, cinema rooms and more allowing your group to have private access to these additional facilities without the hindrance of other guests. 

Create the best family retreat vacation with a luxury villa

Phuket offers multiple estates with properties that are purposefully designed to accommodate large groups. La Colline is one such estate that offers up to 22 bedrooms to accommodate up to 50 guests. Within this estate, smaller villas such as Villa Dara, with its 7 bedrooms, can provide a wonderful setting for extended family to reconnect in a private space that is fully equipped with a pool, sundeck and Western kitchen while offering some of the most stunning views of the Andaman Sea. 

The essentials for the perfect company retreat in Phuket

Companies of all types and sizes choose villas for rent in Phuket to accommodate their teams. With properties like Villa Zamani within the Vertigo Estate in the Surin area of Phuket, placing delegates within easy commuting distance to many of the area’s best activities and natural attractions, choosing villas for company retreat guests becomes one of the best decisions you can make. 

The privacy offered by the likes of the 11-bedroom Blue Siam Villa in Phuket makes this an ideal accommodation choice for those looking to engage in laser focus and productivity during their company retreat. The views alone are an inspiration in this luxury villa, but it's the cinema room, wine cellar and swimming pool which make this particular property so attractive to corporate guests. 

Find a luxury villa for rent today

Discover the wonders of the broadest collection of luxury villas in Phuket with Inspiring Villas. Whether you are planning a family retreat or a corporate gathering, we have villas for rent in Phuket that are ideally suited to your specific purpose. Make your next vacation to Thailand truly unforgettable with Inspiring Villas, and book a luxury villa in Phuket today.