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Top 3 Recommended Villas for a Luxury Vacation Experience in Thailand

19 Aug, 2023 by Soma

Top 3 Recommended Villas for a Luxury Vacation Experience in Thailand

When we think of a luxury villa vacation experience, our thoughts often lead towards turquoise waters, palm-fringed beaches, and unspoiled sands. This picturesque, idyllic paradise remains embedded in our wanderlusting minds. Today, we want to discuss three of our favourite Thai locations for such a glorious, luxury experience. Let us take you on a journey to Phuket luxury villas, villas to rent in Koh Samui, and the best luxury villa in Koh Phangan

Thailand’s top destinations for a luxury villa vacation experience

Renting a villa on Koh Phangan – Koh Phangan is famous for its tranquil beaches, water sports activities, full-moon parties, and luxury wellness retreats. Nestled in the clear waters of the Thai Gulf, nothing sounds more enticing than a beachfront luxury villa on Koh Phangan with a private pool. Thankfully, this blissful paradise is far within reach. Luxury villas on Koh Phangan start from $260 to $650 per night and can usually accommodate six to twelve guests. 

Our top pick – There is a vast selection of villas in Koh Phangan. But our absolute favourite has to be the enormous Secret Beach Villa. This beautiful villa rests on a low cliffside, overlooking a secluded white-sand beach. It boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a spacious lounge, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a fitness centre, and even a jungle-view bathtub. This has to be the best luxury villa in Koh Phangan

Villas for rent in Samui – South of Phangan, Samui lies amongst one of the largest nature reserves in Thailand. Its astonishing natural beauty means that once you rent a villa in Koh Samui, you will never want to leave. 

Our Top Pick – When browsing villas for rent in Koh Samui, you will see that it is slightly more upmarket than other Thai locations. This makes it difficult to choose one, but if we had to, we would say the best villa for rent in Samui must be Moonstone Villa. Moonstone Villa sleeps up to twelve guests, each with a spacious bedroom and ensuite bathroom. In addition, you are treated to fully staffed facilities such as a private cinema, poolside bar, a chef on demand, a spa area, and much more. 

Phuket luxury villas – Finally, we want to take you to Phuket. You will be shocked at what is available when looking for a luxury villa in Phuket. Being one of Thailand's top travel destinations, they are fully equipped to accommodate everyone’s needs. Phuket is renowned for offering paradise beaches, incredible nightlife, and absolute luxury, so this really is a place to check out. 

Our Top Pick – When trying to pick our favourite luxury villa in Phuket, we simply couldn’t choose. Once you start scrolling through what is available, you will be amazed at the serene beauty, modern architecture, excellent facilities, and jaw-dropping views that each villa offers. 

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